"It was my pleasure to be part of your Law Enforcement Office Performance and Reaction Drill Training.  I enjoyed every minute of it and I fully agree with Leopard Challenge mission statement, this is an essential training program for any law enforcement professional.  If you ever need anyone to give you a hand or to run it again please do not hesitate to get in contact with me!"

S. Manic, Nuclear Response Team Officer
Tiverton, ON, Canada

"Excellent course, looking to incorporate System into our recruit academy"

James W Funk
Zone 14- Law Enforcement Academy

"Very worthwhile evaluation tool for both physical fitness & agility. More useful than standard physical abilities testing"

William J. DeLuca Jr.
Catskill Police - New York

"Very good, It makes one realize what can happen over the years. This needs to be done at a minimum of twice a year to keep you ready"

William H. Osuch
Hudson City Police - New York

"I think it was a good form of a realistic situation, I enjoyed participating"

Stephen C. Dete Jr.
Athens Police - New York

Here's more...

"I was fortunate enough to participate in the Challenge that took place in Deerfield Beach this past weekend. What a fantastic time had by all. The guys that I work with can't stop talking about your program and the intensity of running the course. I was able to finish second place overall and am quite proud of this accomplishment based on the talent that was present.

Based on the experience that everybody had at this event. I can guarantee you a huge turn-out at the next event. This has the absolute ability to not only mirror, but exceed the firefighter combat challenge.
Sgt. John K. Leonard, Coconut Creek Police Department
The world's 'best trained cops' can never be satisfied until they are the world's healthiest cops."

Frank Hackett, ASLET Executive Director

"It would be fun to train on the (LEOPARD) course on a consistant basis. It's good for your stress shooting and self confidence."

Thomas Vaughn, Monroeville Police Department

"It was a great competition and my team was fortunate enough to come out of the competition in first place. As a team we will be at the finals competing together for the championship. As far as achiving the current fastest time, it is still an unbielivable feeling to say i have the current world record. It will be great to defend the title (If it holds up) at the Finals in October.  It's also great hearing the other students say 'HOW FAST DID YOU DO IT?'"

Jason Disher, Ontario Police College