General Information

The LEOPARD Challenge is a high fidelity version of a foot pursuit, “officer down” and marksmanship drill.

It’s about performing one of the most dangerous and demanding jobs safer and better.

The Live Fire Course: Wearing a uniform-style trouser and the common equipment of an Law Enforcement professional on patrol: vest, optional helmet, and equipment belt/w pistol, flashlight and hand cuffs, officers simulate the routine tasks of everyday police operations by sequentially negotiating a series of linked tasks. The course begins from the driver's seat of a patrol car, with hands positioned on the steering wheel at the 10 and 2 o'clock positions. At the start command competitors must first release the seatbelt, then exiting the vehicle scale a 6-ft. barrier. Upon clearing the barrier, competitors proceed to a 6’ culvert crawl. After exiting the culvert, competitors simulate a building entry by moving through a 2-ft. by 4-ft. window ledge (30" from the ground) by opening the pane. At this point the officer engages another target for a 10 before climbing over the sill.

For the following task they scale and descend a 4-foot staircase. Next, competitors crawl through another 6 ft. culvert and then must engage a set of three targets, double-tapping (hitting twice) each target from a prone or kneeling position. Moving to the next station, competitors apply handcuffs to an arrest-simulator mannequin. Then it's on to the officer down rescue. This requires dragging a life-sized mannequin a distance of 50-ft. A successful rescue will bring the competitors to a second shooting scenario, where they must also engage a second set of three targets but now from a standing position, again double-tapping each target. Finally, competitors must re-surmount the 6-ft. barrier before crossing the finish line through a set of saloon-style doors. The course is scored as total time to completion with time penalties assigned for missed targets and/or failure to perform required tasks. the Leopard course platform is a 2500 square foot level non-slip surface. The props may be relocated from a range to a non-skill dependent version for applicant selection.

The LEOPARD Challenge is an physical ability test of essential law enforcement functions filled with high energy and excitement. The LEOPARD Challenge is sure to leave its mark by posing the simple question; Can you meet the Challenge?