History of the Leopard Challenge


In the mid 1970's while at the Sports Medicine Center of the University of Maryland's School of Public Health, Dr. Davis conducted some of the original research on the relationships between fitness and occupational tasks. From this federal grant, he branched into a number of high-stress, common denominator professions, including a considerable body of work in the law enforcement arena. Under a consulting contract to the FBI, Dr. Davis created a simulation of a foot pursuit course that could be transported and objectively scored.

Under a contract with DHS, CBP-ICE, Dr. Davis was retained to develop new hire criteria for 4600 IEAs (Immigration Enforcement Agent) positions. His validated test has been institutionalized and is the basis for graduation criteria at FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center), Glynco, GA.

As a Competition, the Challenge had its inaugural launch on ESPN in 2003, with the first broadcast from the Armory in Pikesville, MD. To view this show, follow this link.

The LEOPARD has been redesigned with several applications. It can be used as an applicant accession tool. It has been used as a marketing tool for Explorer Scouts. As an in-service program, it can be used to teach tactics. It has been incorporated as one of the event-stations in the World SWAT Challenge. For the Maryland State Police it was one of the criteria for identification of Trooper of the Year. And, last, but not least, the LEOPARD can be used for firearms requalification; a high fidelity shooting scenario that’s a marked departure from shooting motionless paper targets.

Presently, Dr. Davis provides Job Task Analysis (JTA) validation services for law enforcement agencies across the nation. He is currently assisting state, local and federal agencies with the adoption and incorporation of the LEOPARD into their department’s fitness and continuing education programs.